ESSO-EYSAC Hands on Course on Surgical Technique – Abdominal Surgery

Aim of Course

This course is a hands-on workshop on surgical anatomy of the abdominal organs ans vessels. Interactive discussions will complete each session so that practical/anatomical and management issues will be integrated. Pearls and pitfalls of oncological surgery of every abdominal organ will be put into practice on specially embalmed bodies.

Ideal Course Candidates

Fellows and young surgeons willing to become leaders in specific organ surgical oncology.

Educational Methods

  • Hands-on sessions with human bodies and several exercises of surgical techniques
  • Pre-course 3D atlas on surgical anatomy and its techniques that will help participants to increase their knowledge on the anatomy of the abdominal organs and to improve their surgical skills.The procedures include learning objecives, 2D/3D films, relevant anatomy lessons, step-by-step guides incorporating tips and hazards, and a test for self-evaluation.  These 3D videos are kindly provided by our elearning partner, Incision. Accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of Englad, Incision Academy is the leading online surgical platform that helps share surgical skills and knowledge.
  • Plenary lectures

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26 - 28 Mai 2021



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