ESSO Advanced Course on Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Venue: Institut Curie, Paris, FR

This educational event will be preceded on 9th June by a  pre-course day organized and offered by Institut Curie. It will be complementary to the ESSO Advanced Course and will offer plenary lectures on the latest developments in the treatment of breast cancer. A visit to Madame Curie’s Museum will be included in the program. Please click here to download the program of this meeting.

Aim of the course

The ESSO Advanced Course on Oncoplastic Breast Surgery intends to address and explore a variety of topics, from principles, indications, surgical planning and decision making to operative techniques and complication management of oncoplastic breast conservation and reconstrcution.

The course will focus on safe delivery of oncoplastic procedures, avoidance and management of complications in an interactive stimulating environment. It will provide  a practical, workshop-based approach for surgeons to achieve the best aesthetic results in breast cancer surgery without compromising oncological outcomes. It will include specific tips and advice on prevention and management of surgical  pitfalls and complications.

Educational methods

  • Practical workshops with human and syntetic models
  • Video-based discussion sessions
  • Case-based discussions
  • Plenary lectures

Main topics

  • Tips and tricks on oncoplastic breast conservative surgery
  • Selection of the right oncoplastic technique
  • Oncoplastic anatomy of the breast
  • Level one oncoplastic techniques

Participants profile

  • Trainees in oncoplastic breast surgery, surgical oncology
  • General surgery residents with breast interest
  • Residents in breast Surgery, surgical oncology
  • Specialist breast surgeons with traditional training
  • Trainees in plastic surgery
  • Gynecologists with breast interest or with breast sub-specialty

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10 - 12 Jun 2021



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